Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Update

Glued and tracked 4 Rhinos.
Prepped and magnetized Predator sponsons. Now I'm left waiting for my 3mm rare earth magnets to arrive before I can magnetize the turret. Progress is slow but at least there's progress.

Also finally found the right way to do my bases. Sad thing is I already ruined so many 40mm bases.
All part of hobbying I guess.

Back to work then...

Have a good night.


deathkorps said...

Right way to do your bases? What's da plan?

Ivan Ng said...

Mix PVA glue with my Hamster bath sand. Walla! wasteland, desert, sand stopped falling off my base kinda bases. It's rough and messy looking though. Will bring some over to Legio to prime.

deathkorps said...

Cool sounds like a plan