Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something is buzzing...

After a long hiatus from blogging, I think I owe it to myself to post an update summary.

Things have been busy with me. Got registered and I'm moving to Adelaide in the next 2 to 3 months. So what ever time I have have left I either hobby, sleep or spend with my wife.

My Death Guard army has taken a big step back and my Tyranids is slowly gaining momentum.
Took me a long time to get my list up and running and finally everything I need is here.
Just need to assemble and convert them up and I'll have a proper Tyranids army, not painted but playable. I'm curious to see how would a warrior/shrike heavy army list would stand up against my fellow wargamers. Had a test game against myself and I TA'ed my DG army. I'm excited and will at least prime them for the battlefield.

Another thing, when moving to Adelaide, I won't be able to bring everything and I'll have to be selective. So which will it be? Tyranids, Death Guards or White Scars?
I'm still trying to figure out how to transport my paints, compressor and what not there.
It's gonna be cold there come August and I hope I can find a good gaming club to hang out at.

So here's to this posting. I'll leave you with a sneak peek of my army.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This week in review

The past week has been great for me.
Chinese New Year with the family, Ang Pau's, a week off work and hobbying.

Best of all, I received my Tyranid Warriors before CNY and got to work on them over the week and into the weekend at Iron Painter*1 :)

They are now about 50% done and looks to be underway for Kindred*2 on the 6th of March 2010.

Finally got my copy of the Tyranid Codex and an impulse purchase of a Trygon/Mawloc form Alvin just because he had an extra one lying around :] The warriors took a long time to finish off cause I had to be picky and customize each and everyone of them, even converting a Lictor into a Warrior Prime (Pictures will be posted on a later date). Also had the chance to use them Back2base-ix ( bases I had lying around. Very fitting I might say. Some of the Legio boys had a chance to see them at Iron Painter and I hope to make them even more awesome come Kindred.

*1: Iron Painter
Legio Malaysia's first painting marathon run by Warmaster Jeff Brooks.
It was an awesome event. I arrived late but managed to get some hobbying done on my Tyranid Warriors. Saw a lot of painting getting done and some. Realized that it wasn't that simple and many barely making the 12th hour dateline.

Iqbal [] won the purity seal and was crowned the champion of Iron Painter with the best army by fellow Legio members. Congratulations bro.

Subhan and Iskazri were the only 2 to achieve the Iron Skull with over 30 minis and 1,000 pts.

Overall it was a great day for Legio Malaysia and it's members. Turnout was great and everyone had fun. Congrats to all participants in the first ever Iron Painter.

*2: Kindred; Warhammer 40,000 Legio Hobby Doubles Tournament:
Legio Malaysia's first tournament run by Khairul and Arzmi. I'm really excited about this and I will get my mini's done for it. It's not much to do and I have 2 weeks to get it done. So it's time to crank it up and get it done.

And yes guys, I'm keeping the blog. Somehow everything is working fine again and I'll revamp this site soon enough, so come back for more updates. CHEERS!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Killing of a blog

Killing of a blog
Well people, I've been having so much problems with my blog and blogspot that I've decided to end this blog and blogging. I can't post a comment on my own blog or on Legio and I've tried many ways to fix it. If anyone has any tips or ways to fix this, please let me know. It's frustrating not being able to post or reply to blogs.
This will be my final posting, till I can fix this problem...


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For the holidays!

I'll be leaving sunny Malaysia for Sunny Australia later today.
My first time there and it's been a long 9 year wait for me.
No hobbying and no 40K for the next 2 weeks.
Won't be meeting everyone till next year I guess, so here's to the Holidays and Merry Christmas.
Have a Happy New Year too while you're at it :p


Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's been too long

Check out the poster *Khairul and *Arzmi made.

Just a quick one to keep this blog alive.
Haven't had the chance to hobby much since my last post.

Did however manage to strip some minis.

Good news is that the Iron painter is happening next month, so that simply means I get an extra excuse to buy more minis. Then there's the Kindred doubles tournament by Khairul and Arzmi and Jeff is helping out too. 500 points battle per person, so that makes 1,000 per side. Would be a good time to start that army that I've been wanting to start for the longest time :) Yes, more minis that I just might never finish cause, just cause...

So with that I'm all hyped up and almost ready to go. Still waiting for my paints to arrive so I can finally start painting my army. Word of advice, never order stuff so near to Christmas time anymore.
For more info on the Iron Painter and Kindred tournament head on to

Merry Christmas Everyone