Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Futsal Night Progress

Didn't get much done today cause I had to work late and it's futsal night.

Tidied up my Chosen Marines, added more details to them to make them more Nurgly.
Nurgle Demon Prince is coming along nicely. Won't be doing much to him besides pinning and adding wings. Might make his wings detachable cause the 2 that I currently have right now is a paint to transport.

Anyways, here is my latest addition....from yesterday..... A terminator with Twin Lightning Claws.
This fella here is the sole CC Terminator in the squad of 7.

Helmet is from the Chaos Possessed Marine Squad, which I think give's him the extra uumph! but he looks so very different from the squad cause of the helmet.
Gonna add more plague and pox on him before the rest of the bits go on.

In the mean time, Have A Great Day Ahead.....

I'm off to Legio Malaysia tonight.


deathkorps said...

I like how that helmet looks- very cool conversion. That dude looks like he's ready to have someone for lunch... Nurgh-leth....

Alvin said...

Very nice conversion, simple yet effective. Nice!