Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Lookie, lookie what I made my sister get for me as a belated birthday present :)

They're The Slate series from BACK 2 BASE-IX.

3 Large Bases
10 Medium Bases
10 High Small Bases
30 Low Small Bases.

Visited their site not too long ago and was hooked onto the ready made resin bases.
I was too lazy to get any done so I got my little sister to buy them for me :)

Anyways they're really easy to clean up. Took me about 30 minutes with my trusty hobby knife and wall-a, clean and worth bases for me to work with.

Those looking for bases should visit their site and load up on them.


They do send to Malaysia and shipping is quite reasonable.
Bulk it up with some pals and spread the shipping cost :)

It'll take me quite a while to get them painted and table ready as I'm a really slow painter.
So go to the website and start browsing.


SUBHAN said...

cooll!i want those big base too..nice man

Lanagan said...

I have a set of their ruins 40mm bases. Just to use with my commanders and the like. Good bitz range on their site too.