Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks GW :)

GW sent me a replacement box of Death Guard Plague Marines today :)
What's even better is that they included a CITADEL Available To Order Catalogue.

Here's how it started, on my 4th box of Death Guard Plague Marines, I found that they only gave me 6 mini's instead of 7. Plus the one missing was the ever famous Champion model with the Tabard. Apart from that everything else was complete.

Though I could have just used my Chaos Space Marine with Nurgle Icon to fill in the rank, but I decided what the heck I paid good money for it and I'm just gonna write to them and see what happenes.

GW was nice enough to send it to me through UPS and within 3 day's it arrived.
This really makes me happy :)

So here's to the GW Customer Service (Yan) and to GW for an awesome experience.

Thank You.


Alvin said...

Wow, so lucky to have 1 missing... It's like buy 1 free 1...

Ivan Ng said...

Yes and No at the same time loh :p
I'm taking it as a present from GW after spending so much money :p